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Month: March 2018

Graduate Employability: Time to Take Action   – Part 3      

By Tope Toogun News emanating from TETFUND itself corroborates the assertion that all is not well with financial management in our tertiary institutions and TETFUND itself may not have been keeping faith with its own criteria. The agency claims there are funds that institutions have not been able to access because beneficiary institutions were not…
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The Benefits of Capacity Building – Part 2

Capacity Building at Cognity Advisory: At Cognity, since we design and deliberately deliver bespoke interventions to equip individuals with employability and entrepreneurship skills, then this means that we create a win-win situation for both individual, potential employer, and come to think of it, society at large, to blossom. With regards to employability/ entrepreneurial skills, since…
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Graduate Employability: Time to take action   – Part2 

By Tope Toogun The GE future of work in Africa report advocates “a stronger education system with closer links to industry” and says further “graduate education that does not provide employable skills is a tremendous waste of resources”      And resources we have wasted aplenty. Business Day’ headline on August 28 was titled “How Nigeria’s university…
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Graduate Employability: Time to take action – Part 1

By Tope Toogun Recently, Prof. Wale Omole, former Vice-Chancellor at OAU, declared that the fundamental issue for us in our education system is the content of instruction, which was developed for us since about 1900AD.We received a post-industrial curriculum for a pre-industrial society. In his opinion, we need to “move from knowledge acquisition to competency…
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The Benefits of Capacity Building – Part 1

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning” Gandhi This is one of my most favorite quotes of all time from the one and only Mahatma Gandhi – India’s leader of the freedom movement…
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