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The Benefits of Capacity Building – Part 2

The Benefits of Capacity Building – Part 2

Capacity Building at Cognity Advisory:

At Cognity, since we design and deliberately deliver bespoke interventions to equip individuals with employability and entrepreneurship skills, then this means that we create a win-win situation for both individual, potential employer, and come to think of it, society at large, to blossom. With regards to employability/ entrepreneurial skills, since the labour market is intensely competitive and since employers in both the private and public sec’ are frequently looking for people who are flexible, then the need to create and continuously develop one’s own skillset is greatly important – and here at Cognity, this is what we provide via leveraging technology to expand access to learning opportunities and to improving training outcomes. Basic EE skills like problem solving, to the more complexed like time management and technology, are some of the things in which Cognity Advisory can bring to the table in order to equip individuals.

So, what are the benefits of Capacity Building in today’s society?

Capacity building is indispensable because of its many long-term benefits to both individual and the collective. Some of those include:

  • Capacity building fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment, so that local people gain greater control over their own future development.
  • Capacity building tries to avoid an over-reliance on outside experts as sources of knowledge and resources – therefore encouraging local people to take action on local issues themselves.
  • Capacity building is sensitive to the issues of local culture and context, and as a result, often leads to more feasible and appropriate community solutions.
  • Capacity building allows people to work in a more efficient and effective manner with their community partners, thus creating successful channels in addressing community issues.
  • Capacity building strengthens confidence, knowledge, and resources – which means that capacity building efforts on one project may enhance a community partner’s ability to envision and take action on other projects.

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