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GE’s Universities Business Challenge and Special Competition

GE’s Universities Business Challenge and Special Competition


GE’s Universities Business Challenge and Special Competition

The Universities Business Challenge (UBC) is the world’s leading undergraduate business game competition designed to foster employability and entrepreneurial (EE) skills in students.

Now in its 19th year, the UBC was launched in the UK in 1998 and is supported by leading universities and graduate employers all over the world, with more than 26,500 students having benefitted from participating in the UBC Worldwide.


The competition basically is designed to engage and develop students’ employability and enterprise skills so that they’re given a head start in life. In other words, the competition enables students to improve knowledge of the business world, put theory into practice, and develop team-working, leadership, and employability skills by participating in a team-based competitive environment.

It’s designed by Learning Dynamics, and is specifically meant to introduce graduates to top-level employers and vice-versa, and to develop the latter’s EE skills in areas including but not limited to:

1.Analytical thinking




3.And teamwork


For more information on how the Universities Business Challenge works, plus the employability and entrepreneurial skills gained from the programme, please click on this link …

Also, listen to student testimonials on the programme by viewing this clip:


GE’s UBC and Special Competition in South Africa

GE is currently sponsoring a two phase Challenge in South Africa. That is, the Universities Business Challenge and a Special Competition –  the latter being a project implementation based competition where teams of undergraduate students are required to implement specific projects, which have positive impacts to various issues concerning their local communities.

Cognity Advisory will be working in partnership with Enactus SA, to deliver the UBC and the Special Competition for GE. The Challenge & Special Competition is open to Enactus university teams, from which the top 10 teams will be selected by August 30, 2017. These teams will then participate in the UBC finals in October 2017 (The best team at the UBC will earn the donation of a Fab Lab from GE)

The 10 teams will commence project implementation at the conclusion of the UBC. The projects are to be concluded by June 2018, with the top three teams from the Special Competition emerging and winning prizes of R50, 000, R30, 000 and R20, 000

For more enquiries, you can visit our news & updates section on this website to find out more on the UBC and special competition.

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